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Techniques for swimming straight in open water

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Open Water Swimming Tips and Techniques: Stroke Mechanics for rough water swimming

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Why swimming can take you to a whole new place…


August 2008, at age 59, I was prescribed pills for cholesterol and was diagnosed as a pre-diabetic.

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State Harbour Crossing Winner Disqualified

Australian swimmer Trent Grimsey has been stripped of his State Harbour Crossing title.

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Gold Medallist to Kick Across Auckland Harbour

This year’s State Harbour Crossing will see Commonwealth Games gold medalist Moss Burmester take on a challenge with his family to raise awareness and money for a charity that is very close to his heart.

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Fogged up goggles are your enemy

When it comes to swimming in the open water sighting is one of the most important things you can learn to ensure that you keep on course. This will save you time and energy by preventing you from covering excess distance.

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Awesome tips for swimming in choppy water

The State Ocean Paihia Classic 3.3km swim was my first ocean swim

I enjoyed swimming at school but that was forty years ago. When my friend first suggested we give some of the State Ocean swims a go I was quite apprehensive. I guess it’s a male thing but we didn’t even consider the shorter distances – It was “going long” or drown in the attempt!

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Trent Grimsey proved too classy in the State Paihia Classic

The 24-year-old Queenslander has blitzed the field in the 3.3km journey from Russell to Paihia, winning in a time of 40:34.

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Nutrition for a hard days work or a distance swim

Good nutrition is integral for optimal performance, whether your event is a hard days work or a 2.8km ocean swim. Nutrition is interlinked with performance as it provides the fuel, fluid and nutrients you require when training for the Harbour Crossing, but nutrition practices on the day of the crossing are just as important to ensure you are in top form.

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