Event Day Preparation Tips

Event Day Preparation Tips

Congratulations on taking the first step in your journey to swimming in one of the State NZ Ocean Swim Series events!

This page is packed full of info and links to give you everything you need in preparation for your swim from purchasing your entry right through to what to expect when you rock up on event day. If you have any further questions – you can always contact us, we’d be happy to help you on your way!

Register for your event

Once you have chosen which swim/s you would like participate in, register your entry through our website here. When registering, you can also purchase other items like competitor transfers, race pack couriers.

Once entered, you’ll receive an entry confirmation email. Between the entry confirmation email and the website, you should be able to find everything you need leading up to event day. If you can’t find your e-ticket / registration information – click the link under Registration Confirmation on your chosen event page and a new e-ticket will be emailed to your nominated email address.

Preparing for your swim

Through our website, you have access to loads of resources and gear to help make your race preparation fun, efficient and best suited to you.

If it’s your swimming skills you want to brush up on, you can choose from squads or simply find out where your local pool is. Better still – you can now purchase one of our official swim programs – specifically tailored to each event distance. But prepping for a race isn’t all about exercise – the right nutrition is key to giving you that extra boost when you need it. Check out these great Nutrition tips from sports nutritionist Caryn Zinn.

If you need to top up your gear – pop into our online store to see a great range of gear for your swim and training. Amongst others, there are goggles, wetties, swim boards and nice warm clothes to wrap up in after your race. It pays to experience swimming in the ocean in your chosen goggles and wetsuit before the event, so you get used to how they feel. For more information on wetsuits – check out our wetsuit page.

If there is anything about the event, preparation, payment etc, you are likely to find an answer in our FAQ’s section.

And finally – keep in the loop with anything State Ocean Swimming by subscribing to our e-newsletter (at the top of any page on our website), share thoughts and excitement on our Facebook page or on our Twitter feeds. We also have a blog which will be updated regularly with topical information / views. We’ll let you know if anything changes about your event, give you some great pointers along the way and feed you awesome sponsor offers.

What to expect in the week prior to the event?

It’s the week before your event – exciting! By now you should have received a Competitor Information Sheet with all the information you need for your event. Also, if you opted to have your race pack couriered to you, it will arrive this week. If you didn’t order a courier – you’ll need to attend one of the registration events, which will be listed on your chosen event page of our website. Remember you can always send a friend / family to collect your race pack so long as they have your details to hand.

It’s a good idea in this week to check out your swim course map one more time so you are familiar with it. Also check out safety information, briefing times, locations and prize givings (where aside from winners receiving medals, awesome spot prizes will be handed out). All of these are on your chosen event page.

Event day

You should now be set, primed and ready for your swim. We suggest you arrive with enough time to find a car park, get your bib number written on your hand at the Information Tent and enjoy the race day buzz! Make sure you know where your safety briefing is and at what time – it is compulsory you attend this.

Bring your family and friends – it’s a brilliant and inspiring atmosphere and all the better when they cheer you across the finish line! And make sure you come along to the prize giving after the event where medals and spot prizes will be given out. Details for these are listed on your event page.

Happy training!