About the State NZ Ocean Swim series

About The State New Zealand Ocean Swim Series

About Ocean Swim Series Hero

Quantum Events, together with our principal sponsorship partner State Insurance, are bringing you a bigger and better six-event ocean swim series this summer. This season we are proud to announce we are clocking up 11 years’ proven event success, founded with an excellent reputation and a promise to deliver first-class events.

The State New Zealand Ocean Swim Series has grown over the years to the current portfolio of six equally outstanding events, showcasing some of our most unique and stunning beaches and waterfronts. With the aim of promoting fitness and health through ocean swimming, five of our six events offer four achievable distances on the day – presenting a range of goals suitable for most ages and abilities. The State Harbour Crossing is our only event that boasts only one distance, the iconic 2.9km ‘I’m Going Long’ swim across Auckland Harbour.

New Zealand has some of the most beautiful beach and waterfronts in the world and we want to encourage everyone to take advantage of our greatest natural resource. Unfortunately, New Zealand also has a poor water-safety record and with most cities and towns situated on or near water, it’s important we are encouraged to safely understand and enjoy this beautiful natural resource. Swimming is invigorating, fun, and can be extremely relaxing. Take your pick – the State New Zealand Ocean Swim Series will allow you to achieve your goal, whatever it is! Whether you’re training for a triathlon, wanting some fitness training or just enjoy open water swimming, join up for the State New Zealand Ocean Swim Series.

The ‘I’m Going Long’ swims

The ‘I’m Going Long’ swim is a great challenge for individuals who have trained or have swimming experience. This swim distance varies from 2.6km up to 3.3km – check event pages for distances of each race. If you have ever considered entering a longer open water swim, the State New Zealand Ocean Swim Series provides an ideal environment to do this. For the duration of your swim you will have Surf Life Saving New Zealand guards on the water with you and will be surrounded by fellow swimmers who are on the same journey.

Because of the duration of time in the water we recommend wearing a wetsuit for the ‘I’m Going Long’ swim to assist with buoyancy and warmth but these are not compulsory.

‘I’m Going Long’ swims are split into wave starts (start groups), seeding you with swimmers of similar ability. This is calculated by the estimated swim time selected during your entry process. We also suggest swimmers new to the longer swims, who would like a little more space and less pressure on the starting line, select to swim in the last wave. If you would like more support or attention from the Surf Life Savers, ask for a purple ‘Nervous Swimmer’ swim cap at the start line. Age eligibility is from 14 years old and over.

The’ Step It Up’ 1000m swims

The ‘Step It Up’ 1000m is ideal for those swimmers who would like a challenge but perhaps aren’t quite ready to enter the ‘I’m Going Long’ swim. This is a good swim distance for those with swimming experience that haven’t swum in open water before, are training for a triathlon or who have previously swum in the ‘Give it a Go’ 300m swims.

There are one or two wave starts in this event distance, dependent on entry numbers. Wetsuits are not compulsory in these events, but will provide assistance with warmth & buoyancy. These events are patrolled by trained Surf Life Saving NZ lifeguards who can assist you at any time. Age eligibility is from 12 years old and over.

The ‘Give it a Go’ 300m swims

The ‘Give It A Go’ 300m swim is a great introduction to ocean swimming and is suitable for most swimming abilities and ages from young to old! The ‘Give it a Go’ 300m course is typically a triangular course which is close to the beach. These events are patrolled by trained Surf Life Saving NZ lifeguards who can assist you at any time. Age eligibility is from 10 years old and over.

OceanKids 200m swims

The OceanKids 200m swim is a great ocean swimming event designed for kids wanting to get into ocean swimming or for those who can swim 200m in a pool. Through a combination of pre-race fun beach and water safety activities run by Surf Lifesaving NZ and a 200m ocean swim along the shore (sometimes over their heads), OceanKids will come away enthused, educated and rewarded for their effort. This swim is heavily supported by Surf Life Saving guards for the duration of the swim. Age eligibility is from 6 to 10 years old.

Quantum Events Ltd

Quantum Events Ltd has established itself as one of New Zealand’s most well-respected events’ companies. We manage and own New Zealand’s largest swimming event – the State New Zealand Ocean Swim Series as well as a local State Beach Series event held on Auckland’s North Shore, with disciplines including beach running, swimming and paddling. We are a team passionate about creating inspiring events that help participants reach their personal goals in some of New Zealand’s stunning locations.

Our vision

To be recognised as New Zealand’s leader in event experiences by participants, partners and our competitors.

Our mission

Quantum Events’ mission is to create, promote and deliver innovative, professionally managed public events that offer attendees unique and memorable experiences whilst providing value for money, marketing, branding, communication and sales opportunities for sponsors and partners.