blueseventy Golden Goggles Club

blueseventy Golden Goggles Club

Blueseventy Golden Googles

Swim all six of the State New Zealand Ocean Swim Series events around this gorgeous country of ours and automatically become a celebrated member of the blueseventy Golden Goggles Club. Our Club members are rewarded for their swimming efforts for each year they swim all six events to a maximum of three years.

What you’ll receive as a member:

Your membership will be celebrated in numerous ways for each year you are in the Club:

Year one members: will be rewarded with a personalised blueseventy Golden Goggles Club certificate to proudly display on your wall – you have swum the country!

Year two members: will be rewarded with a blueseventy Golden Goggles Club swim cap to take out on your next swim

Year three members: will receive a pair of blueseventy Hydra Vision Golden Goggles to swim your next event with. These top of the line goggles, used by professional ocean swimmers around the world, are a specialised low profile design with curved angled lenses to enhance your under water vision.

Members of the blueseventy Golden Goggles Club will be celebrated on the State New Zealand Ocean Swim Series website.

Below is a table of all the Golden Goggle Club members who became members or upgraded in the 2013-2014 State Ocean Swim Series. For a full list of members, Download Members List.

Golden Certificate – 1 season











Golden Swimcap – 2 seasons





Golden Goggles – 3 seasons





Special Mentions

Congratulations to the following swimmers for their continued dedication to the State New Zealand Ocean Swim Series.












How do you become a member?

Sign up for a full series pass, swim at all six events and you will automatically be added to the blueseventy Golden Goggles Club at the end of this season. Note you aren’t required to swim three full seasons consecutively, but can be promoted through the Club over a number of years.