What are the minimum ages for each swim length?
The approved age brackets for each swim discipline is as follows:

  • State OceanKids is 6 – 10 years old
  • ‘Give It A Go’ 300m the minimum age is 10 years old
  • ‘Step It Up’ 1000m the minimum age is 12 years old
  • ‘I’m Going Long’ swims the minimum age is 14 years old

For swimmers under these minimum ages that have consent from a legal guardian to enter, you must seek pre-approval from the Race Director by contacting us with reasons why they can swim in this race.

How do I enter?
Enter any ocean swim online here
How do I know I am entered?
You will receive two emails through – the first is a receipt for your payment and the second email is your confirmation email, confirming your registration.

I haven't received my confirmation email, can you send it again?
Your confirmation email  is sent to your nominated email address as soon as you enter online. If you do not see this in your inbox, please have a look in your intercepted spam folder to see if for some reason it moved into this folder.

For any queries, please contact us here.

What time does my swim start and from where?
Please refer to the event page on our website for full details. We also send regular email newsletters, so be sure that you have subscribed to this.
I thought I entered online and now I can't find my entry details. Do I need to enter again?
Please contact us here to verify. This will prevent a possible duplication.

I recently entered and gave an estimated completion time. Is it possible to change this?
We allow any changes up to the close of your swim pack collection / registration event. Thereafter we allow only limited changes as we allocate the different starting waves. Please contact us here and we can ammend your entry for you. 
I registered for my swim, is there anything else I need to do after receiving my registration confirmation? When do I need to get my swim pack?
You need to collect your swim pack at our swim pack collection / registration event. This is usually the day or two before the race. Please refer to your specific event page on our website for time and venue details.
Is there any way that I am able to pick up the swim pack earlier than your specified times?
No, unfortunately we use the time prior to the swim pack collection start time to set up and finalise last minute details. We would likely not be ready if you arrived outside our stipulated times. We do however offer a service to courier your swim pack to you. This will include everything you need for event day. You can book this service when entering or through the ocean swim store.  
When will I get my ferry / bus ticket?
If you have booked a ferry/bus, you will receive your ferry/bus ticket when you collect your swim pack at the collection / registration event the day before the race, or in your courier if you have ordered one.
Where do I catch the ferry / bus?
Full details will be on the event page on our website.
How do I attach the timing chip to my ankle?
Thread the Tyvek / velcro strip through the timing chip and tie as securely as possible around your ankle. If possible try to put this underneath your wetsuit to keep it secure. If you lose it, you will be liable for a replacement cost of $50. Once you have completed the race, the race officials will remove it.
Are there entry limits for the events?
Yes. For safety reasons, there is a maximum number of competitors allowed at each event. It is best to enter early to avoid disappointment.
When is the lastest time I can enter?
Please see the event page for late entry information.
Are late entries accepted?
Please see the event page for late entry information.
If I do a late entry at your swim pack collection / registration event, will you accept credit card or EFTPOS?
Yes, we accept cash, cheque, eftpos or credit card payments.
What is a Swimmer Pack Collection / registration event?
You are required to register your participation in the event, check important personal details and collect your swim pack which includes your timing chip and swim cap. Previously, registration took place on event morning at the event location. Due to the fact that we can’t control the weather, event registrations will now take place the day prior to the event in most cases.
Where and when is the Swimmer Pack Collection / registration event?
See your chosen event page for all registration information.
What if I can't make the Swimmer Pack Collection / registration event?

Swimmer pack collection always takes place prior to event day for the following reasons:

  • To ensure event day runs to the advertised times
  • In the event of strong winds or rain it is unsuitable to have packs outside or to have swimmers queuing without adequate cover
  • The swimmer pack pick up has become efficient and effective leaving swimmers very little time queuing or waiting, if we moved this to event day this would change dramatically.

If you are from outside of the event area you can arrange for friends or family to collect your swimmer pack for you – friends or family will need to confirm your name, bib number, date of birth and if you will be wearing a wetsuit. If you are unable to attend swimmer pack collection and you do not have friends or family that can attend please email our event team here to make alternative arrangements. We do also offer a service to courier your swim pack to you. This will include everything you need for event day. You can book this service when entering or through the ocean swim store

What do I get in my swim pack?
All entrants will receive a swim cap, timing chip and tyvek strap as well as a complimentary gift from our principal sponsor – State Insurance. You will also receive other sponsor goodies.
How can I see the results?
These will be published online on the evening of each event. Check this website under results after 7.00pm. All participants that are involved in one of the timed events will be able to download a certificate from the results page.
How are we timed?
All events are timed by Timing Sports. You will be given a timing chip at registration. Please keep this safe. Secure to your ankle prior to the race briefings and, if wearing a wetsuit, pull the suit over the chip if possible. Please be aware that if you lose this chip either prior to race start or during the race, you will be liable to pay NZD $50 for a replacement (as stated in the event Terms and Conditions).
What is a ‘wave start’?
A ‘wave start’ requires smaller groups to start at different times to reduce congestion and will be based on the estimated time your enter on your entry form.
Will there be a wave start?
The start of the events will be split into multiple starting waves. The waves will be determined by event organisers after accessing competitor numbers in the days leading up to the race. Wave starts will be split by the estimated time you selected in your entry form.
May I change to a different wave start?
We allow changes up to close of your swim pack collection event. After that we only allow a limited number of changes for safety reasons as we allocate the starting waves prior to the swim pack collection event.
Where do I leave my gear?
Place your gear in the designated area for bags at the race finish (all events) or race start (some events) – look for the ‘bag drop-off’ or ‘bag tent’ sign. To make it easier for us to identify your bag, we ask you to clearly name it. For the Bay of Islands Classic, Harbour Crossing and King of the Bays ‘I’m Going Long’ swims only, these will be transported to the finish for you to collect when you exit the water. Please collect these promptly once you have finished the event. We have an all care and no responsibility policy.
When and how do I give my timing chip back?
Immediately after you have finished the race, a crew member will remove the chip for you. If you did not attend the event and have your timing chip or have taken it home by mistake, please post it back to us at the following address: Quantum Events Ltd, PO Box 33-1057 Takapuna, Auckland.
Do I wear an event number?
You will have an event number written on your hand. Please ensure this number is legible until after the event. If your number has worn off your hand / you don’t have a number, go to the Information Tent at the event and one of the crew will write it on for you.
Am I capable of swimming in the ocean?
Yes! Because of the preparation requirements for the sport, swimming is an excellent way to get fit and get in shape. Anyone who has the desire and a fist full of determination can become an ocean swimmer. These ocean swim events will not only give you something to work toward, but will be a wonderful experience on the day. See our Train and Prepare pages on the event website for information on how to prepare.
What accessories may I use during my swim?

The event organisers have approved the use of the following:

  • wetsuit booties,
  • skull caps – the New Zealand Ocean Swim Swim series swim cap must be worn over the skull cap and must remain visible for the duration of the race,
  • wetsuit gloves – NB they must NOT be webbed.
What happens if it rains?
Unfortunately we cannot account for the weather. So if it rains, it rains. You’ll be wet anyway!
What happens if it is very stormy?
A decision to run with the contingency plan for the ocean swims will be made in the event of bad weather or circumstances beyond the control of the event management. The Race Director in conjunction with Surf Lifesaving New Zealand will make this decision on race morning in the interest of your safety. This decision will be final. Updates will be given to you on race morning. For contingency decisions made the day prior – please check our website home page & event page as well as your own email inbox for the latest information. If applicable, you will also be updated with any event changes at the registration event the day prior to your event. See Course Info & Maps on your event webpage for contingency plans.
What happens if I have difficulties in the water?
Simple! Stop! Raise your arm high into the air to identify yourself to a lifeguard. If this is not possible, simply roll on to your back to float in a relaxed position. If you are near an athlete experiencing difficulties, please make sure they are alright, assist if necessary, and alert a lifeguard.
What is the policy on refunds?
Refunds are not available but we can transfer your entry to another swim in the State New Zealand Ocean Swim Series at the cost of $15. Should you decide not to swim, you are still entitled to collect any merchandise and your swimmer pack at swimmer pack collection. Please advise crew of your decision so that you are not issued with a timing chip.
I am not quite ready for my event, could I transfer to another race?
Yes you can. It comes at a cost of $15.00 to a transfer your entry to a different event or you can choose to transfer to a smaller length swim, in the same event, for no extra charge. Please contact us here to discuss.
What billing name will appear on my credit-card statement?
IMG Sports Technology Group – Melbourne.
Will I need a wetsuit?
Although not compulsory, we suggest wearing a wetsuit for the long ocean swim distances. Please see wetsuit information for wetsuit hire and sales information.
Where could I buy or hire a wetsuit?
Please see wetsuit information for wetsuit hire and sales information.
Do I need to wear a swim cap?
Yes. You will be issued with a free State New Zealand Ocean Swim Series swim cap – it is compulsory to wear this throughout the swim for safety reasons.
Do I need to bring my own swim cap?
No. You will be issued with a free State New Zealand Ocean Swim Series swim cap at race registration.
Where can I read the Terms and Conditions and Waiver?
See event safety information.
Where can I read the health and safety information?
See event safety information.