Your Feedback

“The event is well organised and very safe. By far the most professionally run event and series in the country.”

Chris Dunn

“From the moment I entered the registration area until the moment they cut the timing chip off my ankle at the finish, the support crew were awesome. Really helpful, informative, friendly and onto it!!  They really made it a pleasure to be part of.  Conditions were great too but you can’t really claim that one!!”

Bay of Islands Classic Swimmer

“I loved the children lining the finish chute that held out their hands like we were pro athletes!”

Jodie Lovell

“Having an event to work towards made me go swimming more frequently. It was really good to have a fun event to aim for.  I enjoyed meeting up with friends and doing something healthy & fun.”

Bronwyn Mary Manderson

“I enjoy competitive events and this event is well organized with a great number of entries, a great selection of young/old swimmers, and a very good mixture of beginner to advanced swimmers.”

Allan Hawker

“Great to see so many people of various ages and abilities come together and be able to compete on the same course. This event is a fab summer event.”

Shannon Fugle

“There was incredible support in the water. I’m actually quite scared of the sea and deep water, but I felt so safe at all times with the lifeguards, coastguard etc. all around. Loved crossing the finish line!”

Sarah Calder, Harbour Crossing Swimmer

“The Russell to Paihia swim is such an exciting event, the feeling of being away, the positivity of the event managers and swimmers, the smooth glassy conditions and the holiday destination atmosphere of Paihia afterwards makes it so much more than a swim! What I enjoyed the most was watching the satisfaction in the smiles of the other swimmers as they run the last few meters up the beach with supporters cheering them on. So moving!”

Zane Blomfield

“Everyone could participate no matter what level of ability or confidence”

Janine Collins

“I enjoyed the challenge of stepping it up in my first swimming event ever in a supportive, safe and inspiring environment. I appreciated the positive comments from the commentator – so encouraging.  Even though I am older, I was never made to feel – past it, over the hill etc.  In fact I won a medal for winning my age division.  I was so proud that I had it engraved the very next day!”

Shirley Emmett

“It was warm, welcoming, friendly, professionally run and competitive too – from the supporters to the swimmers.”

Jen Cato

“I loved how much help was out there in the water – it really made me feel extra safe. The race itself was also amazing. Brilliantly organized and it was incredible to find out just how far I could push myself.”

Harbour Crossing Swimmer

“I thought it was really well organised. I loved the location – Akaroa is perfect. It’s beautiful and it was nice being able to explore the town whilst being just minutes on foot away from the event.”

Zoë Gower-Jones, La Grande Swim Swimmer

“The organisation was great, the venue was perfect and I really enjoyed the camaraderie of the participants. I traveled from Melbourne to participate and had been looking forward to the challenge all year. I’ve had a knee operation and am expecting a replacement and swimming is the only way I can be mobile pain free. Also, my six grandkids are very impressed that Nanny can accomplish such a feat!”

Bay of Islands Classic Swimmer

“I really appreciate that the events are more affordable compared to other things, this means I can commit to a series in advance, and because of the uniqueness of the events and quality of event organisation – I’d much rather do this series than any other.”

Linda Swift

“What I get a real kick out of (besides finishing) is how each individual is motivated to be there for their own reasons – be they elite sports people or not.”

Harbour Crossing Swimmer

“It was so well organized, I had no trouble at any stage of the process and I was impressed at how well informed I was. Being my first time in Paihia I found the accommodation recommended (Copthorne) exceeded all my expectations and the weather was an absolute bonus! My mum and I made it a girls weekend away with another mum and daughter and we had a ball. The organizers need to be applauded for all their thorough hard work as it was such a successful event for all! Thank you!”

Bay of Islands Classic Swimmer

“I’ve never done an open water swim before and was pretty nervous but it was good fun and not too competition-like – having the option of being in a later wave meant it wasn’t too intimidating.”

Elizabeth Henry

“Everyone involved either volunteer or part of the team was enthusiastic. Also, it was a real family affair for all ages with lots of encouragement for everyone. Well done.”

Beverley Lorimer

“To put it simply your events provide us weekend warriors to take part in a very well run event where. despite the numbers taking part. we are all made to feel important”

Graeme Wheadon