5 Reasons To Love Ocean Swimming!

by Surf Lifesaving World Champion Laura Quilter

It’s the four-wheel drive of swimminLaura Quilterg. Ocean swimming is a uniquely rewarding experience. As a sprint swimmer, ocean swimming is actually well outside my bubble of comfort! Laps in the pool is like driving a sports car, every movement is refined and controlled to maximise efficiency. Ocean swimming is sitting behind the wheel of a grunty four-wheel drive. If you’ve ever thought about entering an ocean swim event, you should!

Here’s my five reasons why you should…

  1. Experience what New Zealand is world renowned for

Getting outdoors and in to nature can inject a healthy dose of motivation for any athlete or health minded individual. It’s a chance to get amongst the elements and enjoy what New Zealand has to offer. Our coastline is world renowned, so there’s no better way to explore it!

  1. Expanding your social circle

The added social aspect of ocean swimming events, like the NZ Ocean Swim Series, opens doors of opportunity to meeting like-minded others. Swimming can be an isolating sport, participating in events may be a chance to connect with new training partners. Forget awkward small talk, everyone on the sand has something in common, so meeting new people is more likely!

  1. Race or participate

Get competitive or enjoy the swim, there’s enough space in the ocean to fit the serious sally and social Sam in the same race. So whether you are out for the win or just looking for a bit of added spice to your fitness routine, the event caters to a full spectrum.

  1. Get motivated

Participating in the NZ Ocean Swim Series will undoubtedly give you a kick start at the beginning of a week. It’s well known that exercises ignites the endorphins, so getting a dose early on could do wonders to your motivation! Conquering hump-day will be no challenge after spending some time in the salt water.

  1. Ocean Confidence

Ocean swimming regularly will make you feel at ease and more confident when participating in other water related sports activities. Whether it be stand up paddle boarding, diving, snorkeling or surfing it will make your experience that much more enjoyable.


About Laura Quilter

Laura has been a competitive swimmer and Surf Lifesaver for 13 years. In that time she have amassed a number of techniques and ideas about how to deal with doubt, fear, motivation and stagnation. She spends her spare moments away from the water working towards a Bachelor in Communications, where she’s discovered a passion for Cultural Studies and Public Presentation.

Laura has represented New Zealand at the following events:

  • 2012 Rescue World Championships (Surf Lifesaving)
  • 2014 Commonwealth Games (Swimming)
  • 2014 Pan Pacific Championships (Swimming)
  • 2014 Rescue World Championships (Surf Lifesaving)
  • 2016 Rescue World Championships (Surf Lifesaving)

Achievements include:

  • Current World Record Holder 50m manikin carry (Surf Lifesaving)
  • Current New Zealand Open Record Holder, 50m manikin carry (Surf Lifesaving)
  • Current New Zealand Open Record Holder, 100m manikin carry (Surf Lifesaving)
  • New Zealand Open National Title Holder, 50m Butterfly (2010, 2013, 2014, 2015)
  • New Zealand Open National Title Holder, 100m Freestyle (2015, 2016)
  • New Zealand Open National Title Holder, 50m Freestyle (2014, 2015)

You can follow Laura via:

Website – http://www.lanelinesnz.com
Blog – https://lauraquilternz.com/the-purpose
Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/lauraquilternz
Twitter – https://twitter.com/lauraquilternz
Instagram – https://www.instagram.com/lanelinesnz