Advantages of swimming in a swimming squad

Now we are in the full swing of 2014 it is time to work on those goals. Now we assume one of them will be swim longer and potentially quicker, which is easier said than done. For all of you who are a multisporters as well as a swimmer you will know that busy schedules often dictate the level of commitment you are able to give to your swimming. This is where the swim squad comes into its own.

Undertaking length after length in a pool alone may not excite you, but if you put some structure around it, within a great squad with an experienced coach, great gains can be achieved.

Here are our top 10 advantages of joining a swimming squad:

  1. Commitment – you are expected to be there, you don’t want to let others down
  2. Often early in the morning, get your session done before hitting the office, start the day on a high
  3. Squads are often over multiple lanes to accommodate different skill levels so you can see a progression path
  4. Coaches often come from a swimming or triathlon background so their experience will help you achieve specific goals
  5. You can gain consistency from going to 2/3 sessions per week – with feedback you can improve rapidly
  6. No session is ever the same, variety will keep it interesting and identify areas for you to work on
  7. Inexpensive. As part of a squad you are getting access to lots of experience and knowledge, not something you can gain easily by researching online
  8. Confidence. By swimming with others of a mixed ability, you will learn valuable lessons come event day
  9. It is a safe way to swim regularly. We never recommend swimming alone in the ocean
  10. It is fun, once you find the right squad for you they will encourage and support you and you will them.

If you are new to the sport or looking to take your swimming to the next level we have a range of swim squads available here. If you are based in Auckland our Series swim coach, Rick Wells runs regular sessions at Olympic Pool in Newmarket, to find out more click here.