Meet Alex Dunkley….

Alex is a fantastic pool & ocean swimmer who has been swimming with the Series since ages ago! After taking out his first long swim win in Akaroa last season Alex is ready to inspire you to get in the ocean and smash your own goal.

How long have you been swimming?I have been ocean swimming since I was 7 years old, initially I took part in the Harcourts Cooper and Co Takapuna Beach Series and Harcourts Copper and Co Banana Boat Ocean Kids 200m swims and progressed through the various distances as I felt comfortable. I completed my first Auckland Harbour Crossing at the age of 10 years old, Mike Oberdries encouraged me to take part. Mike guided me all they way across the harbour providing tips along the way and I loved it, that was the start of what is now 23 long swims with the Banana Boat Ocean Swim Series.
Whats your favourite event in the series?My favourite event is the Generation Homes La Grande Swim 5km.
Why that one?I love this swim as it is located in such a beautiful part of New Zealand and the swim itself is also a little longer than the others in the Banana Boat Ocean Swim Series.
What is your favourite pre-race snack?My favourite pre race snack would be a banana or a muesli bar
What song is on your raceday music playlist? I enjoy listening to drum and bass, it gets me in the in the mood on raceday
What do you hope to achieve by becoming a swimfluencer?I hope to encourage people who enjoy swimming in the pool or ocean to come along and take part in the Banana Boat Ocean Swim Series, its a fantastic event for all ages and ability.
If you had ONE PIECE of advice for a new ocean swimmer - what would it be?Take the plunge, give it a go and have loads of fun doing it!

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