blueseventy Golden Goggles Hall of Fame: Kate Wills

The lovely Kate Wills has completed all six swims in the State New Zealand Ocean Swim Series a whopping four times!  And for that, we think she deserves a special mention in our first edition of the blueseventy Golden Goggles Hall of Fame. Here’s a little bit about this golden girl…

Age: 53

Location: Taupo

First event: 2008 Harbour Crossing

Favourite event: King of the Bays – “This is the end of the season, where all the hard work can pay off, and I can reflect on the season just gone. However, this is always a sad one too! It means the end of summer, the end of the regular catchups at the events, and being one of those that has a love affair with my Helix means that I will now be faced with the prospect going long months without it!”

Why she started:  Looking for a new focus after a difficult period in her life, and discovered a new found love for swimming.

Why she keeps coming back:  Like many others, she soon became addicted to that wonderful sense of achievement after each swim.  She’s since improved her time at King of the Bays by an incredible twenty-six minutes, and has met some wonderful people  from all over the country along the way!

Naturally she’s coming back to kick off her fifth season in the State Bay of Islands Classic this November.

Well done Kate!  We take off our hats (and goggles!) to you.