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Advantages of swimming in a swimming squad

Now we are in the full swing of 2014 it is time to work on those goals. Now we assume one of them will be swim longer and potentially quicker, which is easier said than done. For all of you who are a multisporters as well as a swimmer you will know that busy schedules […]

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Rick’s tips for getting back in the ocean –brought to you by blueseventy

Open water swimming is a great way to get a long aerobic swim under your belt, it breaks the boredom of going up and down the pool. Your open water swimming techniques can vary from swimming in the pool so this is a great way to practice. Pool swimming can be a bit more finesse […]

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Top 5 tips for a successful open water swim

1. Complete some of your training swims in the ocean in varying conditions, event day won’t always be calm and beautiful. Never swim alone and wear high visible cap and if possible have a kayaker with you. Build your confidence before you arrive at the event, practice crowded swims with a few friends, swim close […]

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