Energy Saving Technique Tips

by Carl O’Donnell: Former New Zealand Swimming Champion and 2012 London Olympian

Optimising your technique to save energy when swimming is going to help you swim longer and faster. This is a massive advantage when swimming longer distances in the open water.

Check out these energy saving technique tips from SWIM360.




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About Carl:
Carl was a competitive swimmer for 20 years. He was number one in New Zealand in the 100m freestyle for 3 consecutive years and represented New Zealand at the London Olympic Games in 2012. After a break from swimming, Carl was challenged to an ocean swimming race by a friend. He has been hooked ever since and now competes in the Banana Boat New Zealand Ocean Swim Series each year. Carl’s passion for swimming has lead him to start his own swim coaching business, SWIM360. SWIM360 offers swim coaching and squads to swimmers of any level looking to improve their swimming.