Trent Grimsey proved too classy in the State Paihia Classic

The 24-year-old Queenslander has blitzed the field in the 3.3km journey from Russell to Paihia, winning in a time of 40:34.

The win was decisive – he was a exactly one minute ahead of New Zealand’s leading hope and the defending series champion Kane Radford, who finished just ahead of Auckland’s Phillip Ryan, and Trent Grimsey’s younger brother Codie, who was fourth.

Trent Grimsey started strongly, quickly going to the front, and he was never headed.  He was 50 metres ahead at the one kilometre mark, and quickly built on that moving 100 metres clear by the two kilometre mark.

“This was the first time I’d swum in a wetsuit since last year, so that took about 200 metres to get used to, but after that I felt really good” Grimsey said.

Grimsey’s win continues an outstanding year.  In September, he shaved two minutes off the record for the English Channel, recording a time of 6 hours 55 minutes.

He also won this year’s FINA open water swimming grand prix circuit, is a three-time Australian open water champion, and the current New Zealand Open Water 10km champion.

In the women’s race, New Plymouth’s Charlotte Webby was even more dominant.  She won by over two and a half minutes, ahead of 17-year-old Aucklander Kirsty Wannan.

But despite her win, Webby says could’ve gone better.

“My goggles kept fogging up today, which wasn’t ideal.  But in a way I’m pleased these kind of issues came out today, so I can sort them out ahead of other five races in the series.”

Both Webby and Grimsey have earned 100 series points for their wins today, as they chase the $20,000 grand prize for the series winner.

Grimsey’s confirmed he’s entered all of the other five rounds of the State New Zealand Ocean Swim Series, to try and get the cash.