Form a Closer Bond with Others

by Surf Lifesaving World Champion Laura Quilter

Ocean swimming is a powerful activity, one that ignites will-power and fortifies relationships.

It does more than simply build fitness and improve strength.

One way ocean swimming could benefit more than your physique is that it gives you the opportunity to form a closer bond with others.

First date, different date, or unite with friends and family, regardless of duration or intensity, submerging into the sea in pursuit of a goal can help supercharge endorphins. Open water swims are a blend of fun and challenge, they help to build relationships through shared experience.

The days are getting longer, the degrees are getting higher, this is your chance to reignite your open water swimming days or plunge into something new!


About Laura Quilter

Laura has been a competitive swimmer and Surf Lifesaver for 13 years. In that time she have amassed a number of techniques and ideas about how to deal with doubt, fear, motivation and stagnation. She spends her spare moments away from the water working towards a Bachelor in Communications, where she’s discovered a passion for Cultural Studies and Public Presentation.

Laura has represented New Zealand at the following events:

  • 2012 Rescue World Championships (Surf Lifesaving)
  • 2014 Commonwealth Games (Swimming)
  • 2014 Pan Pacific Championships (Swimming)
  • 2014 Rescue World Championships (Surf Lifesaving)
  • 2016 Rescue World Championships (Surf Lifesaving)

Achievements include:

  • Current World Record Holder 50m manikin carry (Surf Lifesaving)
  • Current New Zealand Open Record Holder, 50m manikin carry (Surf Lifesaving)
  • Current New Zealand Open Record Holder, 100m manikin carry (Surf Lifesaving)
  • New Zealand Open National Title Holder, 50m Butterfly (2010, 2013, 2014, 2015)
  • New Zealand Open National Title Holder, 100m Freestyle (2015, 2016)
  • New Zealand Open National Title Holder, 50m Freestyle (2014, 2015)

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