Oceans of Fame – Keith Drummond reaches 50 swims

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You may recall the infamous Rosie the labrador who used to participate in our events about 15 years ago…well, Keith Drummond was a friend of her owner, and was coerced into joining them one day.

And there it began and continued, as he clocked his 52nd Ocean Swim Series event recently.

Having fallen off a boat as an 8 year old, his mother decided that swimming was an important skill to learn.  He was trundled off to Keith Hay Swim School at the Tepid Baths and fulfilled his obligation.

Rowing and rugby took over, and swimming was long forgotten.

Even at 26, he was coerced, (yet again) to fill in for an athlete on a surf boat and subsequently joined the Mairangi Bay Surf Lifesaving Club, as a boatman, not a swimmer!

Always active and participating in various multi-sport events, Keith eventually joined a swim fit class which resulted in meeting many people over the years and swimming with various groups in the sea and in the pool 3-4 times a week.

Loving the social aspect, it became a way of life, and ultimately lead him to meeting his new wife Jenny – tying the knot on 9 April. Congratulations!

But back to swimming, Keith attests his vast improvement over the past 15 years to technique lessons, good coaches, regular racing, and consistency.

We have no doubt that we will be seeing more of Keith and Jenny in the coming years.

Check out the table here to find out how many you’ve done and what milestone you are fast approaching or have surpassed. We’ll be updating your swim counts throughout the Series!