Meet Ruby Heath….

Ruby is our South Island Swimfluender for the upcoming season! Ruby has been hooked on swimming since 5 months old and has been swimming competitively since she was 7 years old so she really knows her stuff.

How long have you been swimming?I was first introduced to swimming at 5 months old and ever since I have been hooked. I have been swimming competitively for almost 14 years, I started when I was 7 years old.
Whats your favourite event in the series?My favorite event in the series would have to be Wellington – Interislander Swim the Lighthouse.
Why that one?Wellington is home for me (I currently live in Dunedin), but it was also the location of my very first ocean swim series event where I competed in the 1km event and won overall female.
What is your favourite pre-race snack?My favorite pre-race snack would have to be baby food. Kind of a weird pre-race snack but it quick and easy to digest, but also tastes pretty good too.
What song is on your raceday music playlist?My race day music mainly consists of hype, upbeat songs that I can have a sing along too. Justin Bieber is a definite feature on the playlist.
What do you hope to achieve by becoming a swimfluencer?By being a swimfluencer I hope encourage people from all backgrounds to give it ago and influence them to enter more than one event.
If you had ONE PIECE of advice for a new ocean swimmer - what would it be?One piece of advice – give it a go & just do it! Whether it be a short swim or taking the punt at the longer swims, it’s a sport / event that you’ll remember forever, create some many amazing memories, meet so many awesome people and visit some epic places around New Zealand.

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