Working with a coach to improve your open water swimming

Working with a coach is a great way to fast track the learning process especially as you prepare to get out in the open water.

A coach working with you toward and open water swim event can benefit all swimming abilities by providing:

A training plan and setting goals for an event
Confidence through open water training sessions
The development of key open water skills
Observations and the development of technique
Race simulations either in training or utilising open water events such as the State Beach Series, Splash n Dash, Surf n Turf etc
Race strategies and planning

The benefits to working with a coach will help to optimise the outcome as nothing will be new to you on race day. The most important purpose is that the preparation with a coach will help to ensure that your open water experience at the State NZ Ocean Swim Series is both enjoyable and challenging.

Good luck with your swim!

“Excellence happens when you try each day to both do and be, a little better than you were yesterday!”
Pat Riley, Basketball Coach

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Dave Dickson says 28 November 2012

Would be a starter for your block 2 at Takapuna starting 17 January, will download and send through form as detailed .

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