Meet Chris Dunn….

Chris is an NZ triathlete, 2 x NZ representative at the ITU World Champs, a marathon swimmer, and NOW Banana Boat NZ Ocean Swim Series Swimfluencer!

How long have you been swimming?13 years
Whats your favourite event in the series?It’s definitely Generation Homes The Mount Swim
Why that one?Mount Maunganui is one of my favourite places in NZ to visit and I love a surf swim. I always try and catch a wave on my way in to the beach
What is your favourite pre-race snack?Peanut Butter on toast
What song is on your raceday music playlist?Dutchies by Shapeshifter
What do you hope to achieve by becoming a swimfluencer?Ocean Swimming is a fantastic sport and I think everyone should try it. But more importantly being active is so good for mental and physical health, so if I can encourage people to add a bit of movement and fresh air into their day, I’ll be chuffed.
If you had ONE PIECE of advice for a new ocean swimmer - what would it be?Swim in the ocean as often as you can. Training in the pool is great but if you can squeeze in one or two ocean swims per week, you’ll feel right at home when event day arrives. We’ve got some of the world’s best beaches and coastline in NZ so jump in and enjoy it whenever you can!

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