Meet Kelly Stone….

Kelly is a mum of 4, a photographer, swimmer, a Lawyer, AND an Accountant, talk about busy! Kelly is based in Hamilton and is ready to inspire you to take the plunge and get in the water this season.

How long have you been swimming?In July 2020 I was looking for my next challenge, when the thought of getting over my fear of deep water popped into my mind. Prior to that, swimming was something I avoided doing if possible as I didn’t know how to swim properly, and the thought of swimming in the middle of an ocean or lake terrified me. So I signed up to a 4.2km open water swim and then began my journey of learning how to swim and getting over my fears in August 2020. In February 2021 I completed my 4.2km swim event across lake Taupo, I felt an indescribable connection with nature, and from then on, I was hooked.
Whats your favourite event in the series?I love the Hot Spring Spas Iceberg event
Why that one?Firstly, its in one of favourite locations in New Zealand – Waiheke Island. Swimming in winter is fun and invigorating, it keeps you motivated throughout the year, and the event is so relaxed everyone is there for a good time and taking on the challenge not only of swimming, but swimming in cold water
What is your favourite pre-race snack?I like good old peanut butter and jam on toast before I head off on an event!
What song is on your raceday music playlist?Whitney Housten – I wanna dance with somebody.. it’s a good vibing song!
What do you hope to achieve by becoming a swimfluencer?I hope I can get as many people as possible to start to learn to swim, to get over their fears of deep water or open water swimming and to really push themselves outside of their comfort zones.
If you had ONE PIECE of advice for a new ocean swimmer - what would it be?Believe in yourself, you are capable of so much more than you think.

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