Oceans of Fame – Helen Fletcher reaches 50 swims

If completing 50 Ocean Swim Series events does not impress you enough, how about doing them without a wetsuit!

Congratulations to Helen Fletcher on ticking off number 50 at the Bean Rock swim last month, and yes, she has swum them all in the non-wetsuit category.

She usually wins her category, and in recent times has collected age group podium positions in the open category too!

Helen enjoys the feeling of freedom swimming gives her, enjoying the soothing sensation of water on her skin, and the weightless experience the activity provides.

Helen started competitive swimming at the age of 11 and has greeted the pool in the early hours of the morning all her life – “I enjoy the routine; it is something I have always done. Even as a teenager I never slept in, and now I still enjoy starting my day early, meeting my friends, and chatting over coffee afterwards.”

Helen swims twice a week at Mt Roskill pool, then on the weekends in the sea with friends over the summer months.

She has participated in two World Masters swim meets overseas and has been an avid event organiser here in New Zealand over the years.

Living with arthritis now, swimming offers her the painless exercise many sufferers seek, and perhaps have overlooked.

At 66 years of age, she still loves the sea more than the pool and will continue to partake in the Ocean Swim Series for years to come – she has done them all, with the exception of Nelson.

Thank you, Helen.  We look forward to seeing you at Swim the Bridge!

Check out the table here to find out how many you’ve done and what milestone you are fast approaching or have surpassed. We’ll be updating your swim counts throughout the Series!


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