Team Hawkes Bay Conquers The Rangitoto Swim!

Team Hawkes Bay is lead by one of this seasons Swimfluencers Amy Rennall. The crew of swim buddies even boasts a mother daughter duo taking part together! Here is their story of conquering the mighty Rangitoto Swim.

After being away from swimming for a while I didn’t realise how big this beast had grown. It was simply incredible to see 470 people at 7 am all loading onto a ferry to travel to an island to swim back like seriously the public must look out and see all these people in black suits just walking through the streets they must think we are slightly crazy…and I was so stoked to be a part of them. It was like we were on a secret mission to conquer and find an adventure!!

So many people had stories as to why they were there, so many people were battling fear or doubt and they just sucked it up and did it. Their faces read it all as they came in and their hands scraped the sand to confirm they had made it to the other side.

I knew my mum was a little nervous, she doesn’t talk much when the internal battle kicks off. But that feeling of accomplishment, no one can take that away and that is why we do this. We stand a little taller, we smile more, and that feeling can last weeks…well till the next one anyway…haha.

I had a great day, probably the best swim I’ve done for about 20 years…but I have to admit I got in a good group of large men that I held onto as long as they let me. I did get bustled and bumped around but I saw the feet I wanted to chase and I held onto those like it was my first barbie doll!! ( to be fair I probably played more with trucks and guns as a kid) I got pulled across and after a quick cap adjustment, they dropped me so I had to work hard on my own for the last 800m. The clock ticked over at 1 hour 47s, I actually had no idea what would be good or not but I’m super happy and I loved it all.

Our Hawkes Bay crew had a really good day taking out 4 age group gold medals and picking up silvers and bronze medals too. Big shout out to Jeff Reid, an incredible swimmer from the bay who was having a good old sulk he didn’t want to race, but was there for his mate Davey..seeing the smile on that guy’s face…I reckon he’s coming back for more!!!

See ya at Wellington team…You’re doing an incredible job!!!


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