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Swimming and Health

by Char Young 5 ways swimming can help improve your physical and mental health: 1. Regular swimming can help reduce your risk of major health complications. Exercise, like swimming, which works your cardiorespiratory system, can help reduce the risks of chronic diseases like diabetes, heart disease, high cholesterol, various respiratory diseases and some cancers. 2. […]

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Conquering Self Doubt

by Carl O’Donnell: Former New Zealand Swimming Champion and 2012 London Olympian Whether an Olympian or a beginner, we all go through periods of self doubt. Can I make the distance? Can I beat my rival? This happens because we don’t know what the outcome of an event is going to be, and that worries […]

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Gold Medallist to Kick Across Auckland Harbour

This year’s State Harbour Crossing will see Commonwealth Games gold medalist Moss Burmester take on a challenge with his family to raise awareness and money for a charity that is very close to his heart.

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